2013 Events

This is a Listing Of Our Events

For More Information, Please Contact Emily Garrow - Stewart via email at:


Kateri Mass & Feast

April 26, 2014 at 5pm

The Annual Kateri Mass and Feast for 2014 is scheduled for April 26th, and is held at St. Lucy's Church, 432 Gifford Street, Syracuse, New York.  Reception to follow.

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Annual Kateri Tekakwitha Powwow Location TBA


This is a very family oriented "DRUG-FREE & ALCOHOL - FREE" Powwow.  Join in the fun of traditional Native American dancing, crafts and food.  Here is your opportunity to experience the taste of Buffalo Burgers, Venison Stew, and Indian tacos.  (Non-Native food also available).  

Journey back in time with Tribal dancers dressed in traditional regalia as they entertain you with traditional dancing such as The Crow Hop, Sneak Up, Two Step,  and Switch dances, to name a few.  Take part in the Inter-Tribal dancing, the Veteran's Dance, the Snake Dance and the special Children's Candy Dance in the circle around the Sacred Fire.  

These dances allow Natives and non-Natives to come together to experience the fun and camaraderie of the powwow.

**Powwow is promoted by Robert Ross**

**Sound For Powwow Is Provided by Silhouettes Co, DJ Service A Spectrum Entertainment Company**

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Auriesville Kateri Tekakwitha Mass

For Information, Please Contact:

Father George Belgarde SJ, Director at The Shrine Of Our Lady of Martyrs 1-518-853-3033 log on at


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National Kateri Tekakwitha Conference 

The 2013 Conference will be in El Paso, Texas.  Please Contact the National Conference Information Center at (406)727-0147 or 1-800-842-9633. 

You may also email them at:  tekconf@gmail.com

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Fonda Mass

See a Committee Member For Time & Travel Information, or you many contact the Kateri Shrine 

at 1-518-853-3646, or log on to www.Katerishrine.com

Mass to be Held in Fonda, New York.

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St. Lucy's Fallen Leaves Mass & Feast 

November 8th, 2014

Chanting Starts at 1:30pm, Mass is at 4pm

This is a Native American Liturgy Mass in Mohawk and English to honor the family, friends and loved ones of Natives and non-Natives who have passed away.  A tall tree, barren of leaves is chosen and placed in the church near the altar.  The names of the deceased are written on paper leaves in autumn colors.  Very small photos can also be attached to the leaves.  There is a fee of $1.00 per leaf.  These leaves are then hung on the tree until it is completely covered transforming the once barren tree into a beautiful blaze of color.  Because there are over 2500 names, the chanting of the names to a soft drum beat will begin approximately 2 1/2 hours before the Mass.  These names are also listed in the Fallen Leaves Mass Booklet that is handed out to everyone who attends.  After the Mass, a Feast, which is an extension of our Mass, is held in the basement dining facility of St. Lucy’s Church.  Depending on the number of people expected, some of our “Feasts” are held in the auditorium across the street from the church. There is no charge for this Feast.  For more information, contact St. Lucy's Church.  Please note:  During these Native Liturgies a Sacred Smoke Blessing is shared with the congregation.  This consists of a "cleansing" smoke (in minimal amounts) from a mixture of sweet grass, sage and cedar that is fanned with feathers to carry our prayers to the Creator.  If you have asthma or other allergies that would be provoked by this smoke, please let someone know, and they will try to make accommodations for you.

Kateri Tekakwitha Committee Bake Sales

Committee Bake sales are on the second Sunday of each Month.  They are held in the basement of St. Lucy's Church following the 9:00 AM Sunday Mass.   Food items include:  Pies, Cakes, Muffins, Cookies, and the all time favorite, Brownies.  There are also items available that are low in sugar.

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